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Source|Sense is an ever growing IoT platform that not only has the power and redundancy of AWS behind it, but Source|Sense offers a progressive application that can be used on any operating system or accessed via a web browser. It provides a user experience like never before with endless IoT applications and use cases. With a drag and drop interface it can be quickly setup in minutes without having any IT experience. With a scan and naming convention it simplifies the process by not having to know IP addressing and routing protocols to bring a device online. All of the devices are QR coded and IDed in the system so there is no confusion. Open your app and simply scan the device, name the device, and your device is now added to the Source|Sense platform and functioning. Powered by 4G LTE and 5G upgradeable using LoRa Technology, the system utilizes the bring-your-own network mentality to simplify the implementation. With cellular connectivity through the Verizon network, utilizing IoT plans, it has never been simpler to get start with IoT.

Source Sense Logo

Quick. Easy. Scalable.

With the automation of this process and the power of Source|Sense, the platform integrates with wearables for a seamless IoT and human experience. Source|Sense gives the power of the users to see at a quick glace any and all alerts coming from their system. All while keeping your employees as handsfree as possible but connected to the system.

The Source|Sense platform was designed with the end user in mind from the beginning. It offers a quick and easy deployment that not only can be self-installed, and managed, but it can grow with your IoT needs indefinitely. With boundless configurations and use cases, Source|Sense was designed to be applicable to all verticals and market spaces.

Source Sense Overview

Endless IoT Applications

Source Sense is a powerful platform with a single pane of glass. It enables you infinite plug-and-play IoT solutions.

Source Sense provides you with endless solutions to your business. For instance, Source Sense could be your one hub for things like:

  • Panic Buttons
  • Asset Tracking
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Workplace Occupancy
  • Motion Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Tracking
  • Temperature Control
  • Leak Detection
  • Waste Bin Levels
  • & Infinitely More!

Source Sense Can Benefit Any Industry:

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