About Source Inc


Charm & Innovation

We now live in a world where technology is everywhere, constantly emerging and nearly endless in potential. Phrases like M2M and IoT are everywhere, making it ever harder to choose and integrate “right” sized solutions. Even before these everyday terms became mainstream, Source Inc. was founded as an original pioneer of the M2M and IoT mindset. Enabling devices and developing creative connectivity solutions has been the backbone of Source Inc. since 2004.

Ozark Lake

Over 16 Years Experience

From humble beginnings, Source Inc has grown from a home office, configuring equipment around a basement pool table, to an industry leader and proven partner to Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Today, Source Inc. delivers over 50,000 enabled devices a year and is now the industry’s premier VAI (Value Added Integrator).

Delivering on the vision of our founder, Ray Medlock, everyone and everything at Source Inc. is like family. Real people, real solutions and real results. No matter how fast technology moves, our roots are firmly planted in unrivaled client support and satisfaction. So rest assured, you will always receive the perfect blend of Midwest charm and tech-city innovation.


Executive Management Team


With over two decades as a leader in the wireless space, Ray Medlock has grown Source Inc. from the ground up and proven himself a true visionary by making Source Inc. the multifaceted company that it is today. Ray has a long history of managing and growing numerous sales teams from startups to fortune 500 companies selling satellite, voice, data, and wireless services.

After years of success in growing wireless branches and regions across the country, Ray’s entrepreneurial spirit was never-ending. His empowering leadership style and ability to build great relationships throughout the industry led him to assemble an all-star team and create Source Inc. Ray works directly with the leadership team in keeping with the vision of the company and instilling a true family environment. Ray’s competitive nature allows him to create strategies that continually grow the company year over year.


John began his career at Source Inc. in December 2004. For over 20 years John has been in wireless sales and management and is considered an industry leader in his field. As President, John plays an integral part in Source Inc.’s overall OEM and strategic alliances as the head of their nation-wide sales team.

Throughout his career at Source Inc., John has implemented sales strategies with proven success. His fun-loving spirit continually builds new and long-standing relationships as well as upholding the true vision of Source Inc.


As Director of Sales in the hospitality industry early in her career, as well as being involved in several Philanthropic organizations, Debbie has spent over 17 years working in multiple capacities within the wireless industry.

Debbie joined Source Inc. in August 2004 and has held positions in Sales, Data Entry, Payroll, Support, and Finance. As the VP of Operations, she manages day-to-day operations to support the growth and adds to the bottom line of the organization while supporting the vision and culture of the company.

BRANDON REID - VP of Services

After more than a decade in sales and distribution, Brandon joined Source Inc. as a Vice President in April 2016. Brandon is responsible for growing and managing OEM, carrier and professional services at Source Inc.

As Vice President, Brandon is a member of multiple Partner Advisory Committees including Verizon Partner Advisory Council and Cradlepoint Partner Advisory Council. His years of experience in sales and distribution leadership helps to provide strategic direction within the channel partner programs.

JAMES BUTLER - Chief Information Officer

James brings almost 20 years of industry experience. He currently holds an MBA with a concentration in Computer Networking, FCC License, and a US Patent for an OOB, Fail-Over, and HSRP Cellular Routing Designs. Having knowledge in NaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS.

As a technical member of the executive team James will be monitoring market trends and industry needs to help expand the Source Inc. products & services portfolio while supporting the Source Inc. national sales team.

MICHAEL GAMBLE - Senior Solutions Architect

Michael brings over 20 years of experience as a technical sales support, and design professional. Michael is in charge of describing, designing, and customizing solutions to resolve customer’s needs. He designs the solutions on time, on budget, and ensures it solves the problem it was designed to solve. He is highly regarded in the industry carrying top certifications available from multiple manufacturers. Through his effective team leader abilities he consistently earns the trust of customers and vendors alike.