Source Inc. provides businesses with comprehensive wireless solutions through a broad array of hardware, software, connectivity, and helpdesk services.

As an Elite VAR (Value Added Reseller) in the M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) space, Source Inc.’s core solutions focus on enterprise grade wireless routers and modems, tablets, handheld devices, and connectivity solutions. We couple these solutions with robust, industry applications, mobile device management, and custom support options to ensure a complete wireless solution.

Our in-depth scoping process walks our clients through a mobility analysis, industry trends, data security risks, network infrastructure requirements, contingency planning and user adoption.

Wireless is no longer limited to making people mobile; it’s about connecting your entire business.  Let us change your business through the power of wireless, today.

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Tablets, rugged laptops and handhelds

As today's workforce is more connected than ever, empower your employees and your organization with the best devices on the market ... and yes, we preconfigure them to your exacting standards.

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M2M Routers, Modems and IP Cameras

Whether you are looking for a single router for a remote installation or would like to add IP cameras to remote locations along a pipeline crisscrossing the continent, we are ready to help you design and implement a solution.

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Software and Custom Solution Design

Let our experts design the solution you need to achieve your business communication objectives. We pair the latest software advancements with the top minds in the industry to meet your needs the first time.

Learn more about connecting your equipment with 4G LTE solutions.

Talk with one of Source's wireless and M2M gurus.

Verizon One Talk Bundle

One Talk is a multi-line telephone solution that can help employees who work in an office, are on the go and remote, or a combination of both.

Your mobile telephone number is shared across multiple devices, giving you access to calls and business telephone features on any of your common devices, including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Verizon One Talk desk phones

Enterprise mobility services that power the digital workforce.

Through our ever-evolving relationship with Verizon, our customers continue to stay ahead of their competition with unmatched mobility services. Source Inc. offers full support for all Verizon certified hardware from routers to One Talk desk phones, setup and support. With Workforce Productivity mobility services and tools, connecting remote workers to colleagues and applications is quick, secure and intuitive. Click the logo to visit the Verizon Mobility website directly.


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AirLink LX60 Dual Ethernet LTE Router

The AirLink® LX60 is the industry’s first LTE and LTE-M / NB-IoT router for commercial and enterprise applications. The LX60 offers “out-of-the box” connectivity that is simple to install, and easy to manage providing your equipment or business with a primary or backup LTE connection. The LX60 provides purpose-built, secure, reliable, managed LTE networking in IoT applications such as Building Automation, Digital Signage, Taxis, ATMs, Kiosks and Point-of-Sale terminals.

The LX60 is designed to meet the environmental and performance requirements of a diverse range of equipment in building, industrial and mobile locations, delivering superior reliability and uninterrupted operation in fixed, indoor and protected outdoor environments.

Strategic Partnerships

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Exceptional Service

The Source Inc. Managed Services (SIMS) provides a complete portfolio of wireless management services to help you take advantage of all the benefits of wireless technology.   Wireless technology is found in more than cellular phones and tablets.  Source Inc. has extensive experience wirelessly connecting vehicles, assets, monitoring devices, buildings, and mobile phones.  Our engineers design a custom wireless infrastructure which supports your security and usability needs.  And once your program is off the ground, our dedicated support team will provide tailored maintenance and ongoing management of your wireless program.

Source Inc. Managed Services (SIMS) can allow you to side-step the learning curve associated with new technologies, network design, implementation, and maintenance. This means no extended training, no extended resource commitments, no head scratching – just the freedom and access you need to take care of business.

Corporate & BYOD Wireless Management Program

With infinite number of mobile applications, how do businesses enforce mobile security while controlling rogue spending and supporting a growing number of users? Businesses extensively rely on wireless technology to empower employees to stay connected, productive, and maintain flexibility to access information on the go.  This continually pushes IT to keep up with broad array of mobile devices and tablets, numerous and varying operating systems, and multiple carriers. Turn to Source to streamline your entire wireless program.  Our wireless management services can help business manage day-to-day transactions, control and lower out-of-control wireless spending, and even support a Bring Your Own Device initiative.

Mobile Device Management & Security

With a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, IT departments no longer worry about sensitive information floating around on devices of past employees, lost devices, or even vulnerable to insecure WiFi connectivity. Remotely manage security policies such as device passwords, block unwanted applications, wipe sensitive data off the devices, and much more.

Custom Network Management

Outsourcing network management offers companies a cost-effective way to meet the challenges of today’s fast paced business environment, to use resources more efficiently, and reduce risks of service interruptions. With Source managing your wireless network, your business model will benefit from a substantial savings in equipment costs, administrative overhead, infrastructure development and training.