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Xplore Technologies manufactures the most rugged tablets on Earth. The XC6 ultra-rugged and Bobcat Windows tablet PCs and the RangerX fully rugged Android tablet are the most reliable and durable tablets on the market, engineered with the latest tablet technology and rugged design innovations. Xplore tablets use the most powerful and modern processors and components and are tested more vigorously for shock, thermal, vibration, impact, ingress and emissions than any other PC in the industry. For Xplore's Motion line of rugged tablet PCs and accessories,

Xplore Technologies

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The XC6 DM and DML ultra rugged industrial Windows tablets offer the same durability as other XC6 models, but at a lower cost. With a glove touch display suited for ambient lighting conditions, the DM and DML are optimized for indoor industrial work. As the lowest priced Windows tablet in the XC6 series, the DML uses an Intel Celeron Dual Core processor- perfect for running less data-intensive applications.

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Xplore's RangerX tablet is a lightweight, rugged Androidâ„¢ tablet perfect for a wide array of applications. The tablets are fully rugged, powerful, and come with a vast array of standard and optional integrated features, including HDMI-In, RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet, an NFC/RFID reader, front and rear cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Verizon 4G LTE. The RangerX also leads in storage capacity, with 192 GB of storage space - the highest in its class.

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The Bobcat tablet is the latest in Xplore's family of fully-rugged tablets. Featuring an array of integrated options, and a sleek, sophisticated design, the Bobcat will change the way you look at tablets. With a MIL-STD-810G rating and Windows® 8.1 Pro, the Bobcat can go from the boardroom to the work site without missing a beat.