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Sputnik offers the most flexible hotspot management system in the world. SputnikNet, our cloud-based service, enables Wi-Fi service providers to manage hotspot networks of any size, easily, affordably, over the web. Providers get the flexibility to offer free Wi-Fi, paid Wi-Fi, or advertising-supported Wi-Fi services under their own brand. 

Sputnik customers have deployed over ten thousand networks in more than 100 countries using Sputnik technology, authenticating millions of end users.


Cloud-managed guest Wi-Fi solutions

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Burnish your brand

You work hard to give your customers a great experience. SputnikNet enables you to deliver branded Wi-Fi services that meet your business and marketing goals without compromise.

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Setting up Sputnik-powered devices is easy— plug them into broadband and assign them to your SputnikNet account. They configure themselves and are ready to go.

If a device loses power or is reset, no worries—it will automatically reconnect to your SputnikNet account and reprovision itself—restoring SSID, power, channel, captive portal, security and other network settings. You can even "cloud lock" a router so that SputnikNet automatically overrides any local settings changes.

There are no limits to the number of routers you can manage with SputnikNet. And Sputnik can drop-ship preconfigured routers to multiple locations for plug-n-play provisioning by non-technical personnel.
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