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Build the Internet of Things With Sierra Wireless

As the IoT grows, organizations will be looking for experienced partners and the right connectivity solutions to solve problems in new ways, increase efficiency and bring innovative products and solutions to market faster. 

Tapping into the promise of the IoT requires a wide range of secure device-to-cloud products and services that make it easy for organizations to build and manage IoT deployments. With innovative connectivity options provided by Sierra Wireless, your business will thrive. 

Sierra Wireless

Tap the potential of the Internet of Things

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All New Airlink® RV50

LTE performance at 2G power consumption (less than 1W in idle mode)

State-of-the-art LTE coverage spanning 11 LTE frequency bandsSingle product variant for all major North American network operators

Fully automatic network operator switching: just insert the SIM

Provides network connectivity via Ethernet, Serial and USB

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Airlink® GX450/400

The Airlink® GX450 is a rugged, secure mobile gateway designed to deliver mission-critical communications for in-vehicle applications. With LTE coverage on major global networks, the GX450 extends broadband connectivity to a wide range of devices and applications. It extends the enterprise network and management to the fleet, ensuring reliable, secure broadband data access for mobile users in the field.

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Airlink® ES450

The AirLink® ES450 is a reliable, secure LTE gateway designed to connect the distributed enterprise. With state-of-the-art global LTE coverage from the proven leader in LTE technology, the ES450 provides broadband connectivity for POS devices and other business critical equipment to ensure you can continue to serve customer requests. Together with AirLink Management Service, you have a one-stop solution to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage, and remotely maintain software versions and configurations.

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Airlink® LS300

The AirLink® LS300 gateway has a small footprint for easy installation and a rugged, military spec design (MIL-STD 810) that enables it to withstand extreme temperature changes, humidity, shock, and vibration. Certified for hazardous environments (Class I, Div 2), the LS300 is ideal for industrial deployments.

The LS300 comes standard with Ethernet, serial, digital I/O and USB interfaces as well as GPS.

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Raven XE/XT

• Persistent network connectivity for uninterrupted, bi-directional communications
• Advanced processor for optimized performance on 3G wireless networks
• Ethernet (XE) or serial (XT) options
• Rugged design for use in extreme conditions
• Compact form factor for easy installation
• Highly configurable real-time exception-based reporting