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Sierra Wireless' adaptive connectivity provides global, multi-operator coverage by allowing customers to combine Sierra Wireless SIMs and third-party network operator SIMs all within the IoT Acceleration Platform. 

This allows customers to maximize cost efficiency and flexibility by continuing to use legacy SIMs they have under contract while leveraging Sierra Wireless connectivity for the portions of their global footprint where needed. Bringing all of these SIMs under one platform simplifies the day to day management of their IoT deployments.

Maingate Connect

The most efficient and secure way to connect your products across the globe. Maingate Connect is specifically designed to meet IoT connectivity challenges and is adaptable to your specific business and technical needs.

Messaging Services

Mobile SMS Messaging platform with global reach and easy integration into existing system architectures and applications. The service enables efficient communication with customers, employees and partners.


Simply Connected

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AirVantage® powers some of the largest wireless IoT deployments in the industry. It is trusted by startups and fortune 500 companies alike to securely connect their remote machines and accelerate the rollout of their connected products and services.

360 Operations

Getting to market quickly only matters if you can deliver an amazing, always-on user experience to your customers. You need to know before your customers when problems are about to occur and be able to fix them quickly. Give your team the industry’s only set of IoT operations tools that combine SIM, network and device level monitoring and diagnostics, thereby reducing the time needed to resolve field related issues.