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Mobile Communication and Roaming Standards Redefined
Established in 1998, Radio IP Software specializes in delivering innovative Mobile Virtual Private Network (also known as Mobile VPN or MVPN) and mobile security solutions to small and large enterprises, as well as military, public safety, utilities, transportation and government agencies with mission-critical or business critical communication requirements. Our solutions provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks

A leader in mobile communications, Radio IP Software offers a portfolio of mobile VPN solutions to overcome the performance, security, connectivity and roaming challenges associated with wireless networks to achieve faster response times.   Designed for today's wireless and mobile environments, our solutions enable mobile users to seamlessly roam across all network environments - private mobile radio (PMR), cellular data (3G/4G), satellite and mobile broadband - under a single interoperable TCP/IP standard.

Our solutions provide:
Uninterrupted, secure mobile roaming between disparate wireless and wired networks over a broad range of devices.
Secure, reliable network and application access with encryption and advanced authentication.
Advanced multi-agency/site administration capabilities that drive cost-efficiencies.

Radio IP Software

The industry's only mobile VPN built on open Mobile IP and IPsec standards

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Multiple Networks. Multiple Applications. One Mobile VPN. Mult-IP is a 4G ready & highly secure mobile VPN software solution developed to address the exacting needs of mission critical communications.
An ideal mobile VPN solution for public safety, utilities, emergency response, or other mobile workforces, Mult-IP covers an extended geographical footprint not always serviced by a single network. Developed using Radio IP’s patented concurrent networks technology, Mult-IP enables management of multiple, independent networks simultaneously within one mobile VPN, assuring secure uninterrupted connectivity for various mobile workforces — regardless of their location — while exceeding data protection regulations.

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Business Critical Mobile VPN
To meet the increasing demands of mobile workers, IT administrators must provide quick, reliable and secure access to critical voice and data applications - whether users are roaming between floors, working from a public access, driving to a different office location, or working from home.
Roaming across any IP network. 
ipUnplugged is a standards-based mobile VPN that enables secure connectivity and seamless roaming across any combination of wired or wireless IP network. Managed by a user-friendly interface that hides all mobility and security concerns from the user, ipUnplugged enables corporate users and authorized guests to move freely between secure and non-secure networks without losing their connection to network resources and applications, whether they are using docked connections, Wi-Fi networks, third-party hotspots or cellular data networks from multiple carriers - without jeopardizing corporate security policies. IpUnplugged even transparently adapts to maintain VolP connections while users are moving, communicating on a train, roaming through an airport, or in a car.