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Nimble Wireless helps customers wirelessly connect, control and manage their remote assets. Nimble Wireless does this by providing state of the art M2M and connected wireless products and services encompassing Cellular, GPS, WiFi, RFID and Zigbee technologies. We offer innovative customized M2M products geared towards multiple verticals such as Transportation & Logistics, Telecom Infrastructure, Green Energy and Healthcare industries.

At Nimble Wireless, we believe that employees are the foundation of our core strength and customers are at the center of our business practice. We believe in bringing together passionate individuals and enabling them with the right tools to create great products that exceed customer expectations. Along with employees and customers, we believe in a corporate culture that is responsible towards society and environment. We believe that long-term success can only be achieved by collective growth of internal and external constituents of a company.

Nimble Wireless

Give Senses to your Machines

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Toucan T20/25

The Toucan T20/T25 are small and compact temperature monitoring devices, that fit in your hand. The devices can be easily placed anywhere – a store room, storage freezer or refrigerated truck. Just place it and start monitoring the asset’s temperature and with optional GPS track asset’s location and temperature simultaneously. 

Get proactive with configurable temperature alert settings. Toucan devices can send an automated SMS and Email alert when there is a temperature excursion. 

Keep adding or removing the Toucan temperature monitoring devices as per your need. With completely flexible and scalable software to compliment the devices, build your network of temperature monitoring devices. 

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SORA Multi-point Temperature Sensors

The SORA wireless temperature monitoring sensors can monitor temperature at multiple points and transmit them to a cellular network. Sensors are battery powered wireless temperature monitoring devices. The sensors are small and compact that can fit anywhere – a small cold storage box or a large cold room. Place the SORA sensors at multiple points – of the same asset or on different asset and start monitoring the temperature from multiple points simultaneously in real time. 

Unlike other wired sensors that restrict you from moving your cold assets, the SORA wireless sensors are truly wireless sensors; they offer complete mobility for your assets. With no wires in the way, move your display freezers, storage freezers, etc. without the risk of tampering your sensors.  

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Toucan Asset Trackers

Nimble Wireless Toucan P and Toucan PT can track your assets in real-time. The Toucan Devices isn’t simply a tracker – it’s a complete end-to-end asset tracking and monitoring solution. With built-in GPS and cellular modem, it is a truly portable tracking solution, yet remarkably power-efficient.  It’s a complete solution where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of tracking solution. 

The Toucan asset trackers are small and compact; that can fit in your hand –  can easily be placed inside a small pallet box, shipping cartons or fitted to a truck. Whatever your assets are and wherever they may be, never lose sight of them. Indoor or Outdoor Toucan asset trackers can pinpoint your asset’s exact location. The Standalone and Assisted (MS-Assisted/based) GPS modes offer best in class tracking time and accuracy. The Toucan asset trackers incorporate the latest in CDMA 1x/GSM/GPRS/HSPA and GPS technology in a compact form factor to transmit data wirelessly.