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NimbeLink is a fast-growing provider of cellular modems, cellular gateway systems, and developer services, specifically to small- and medium-size companies in the machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity market. Founded in 2013, Minnesota-based NimbeLink has brought together award-winning engineers and designers of embedded systems to develop products for, and provide services to, companies developing technology for the “Internet of Things.”

As the M2M market grows, so does the number of providers and options, but the unintended effect of this abundance is to make things more complicated for both users and developers. NimbeLink’s mission is to help make M2M simpler for both our customers and their end users. We are doing this by introducing simple, effective products like the Skywire™ cellular modem, which can be readily incorporated into a developer’s product to add cellular connectivity. Similarly, we are customizing our TextAlert™ gateway product to meet customers’ data collection needs with specialized sensors and the ability to upload data and send real-time alerts using an embedded cellular modem. And by packaging cellular plans with both of these products we are eliminating one more level of complexity for users.


E2C Link “Small, Simple and Rugged.”

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Skywire™ E2C Link

Get connected fast with a high-value, low price, rugged, plug-n-play device.

Created by the award-winning developers of the Skywire embedded cellular modem, the E2C Link™ Ethernet-to-Cellular Router provides a low-cost, industrial-grade alternative to cable, DSL or Wi-Fi Internet connections. The E2C Link™ delivers instant cellular connectivity over the Verizon network for any Ethernet enabled device. It is significantly smaller and more affordable than other external cellular routers and can cost significantly less to operate than cable or DSL connections.

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Skywire™ 4 Port E2C Link

Get connected fast with a highvalue, rugged, plug-n-play device with WAN failover.

• WAN failover Ethernet to cellular fallback
• Plug-n-play High-speed connectivity
• Lightweight 2.8 oz
• Compact size 2.7” x 3.2” x 0.9”
• Rugged Aircraft grade Aluminum, Temp resistance -40c - +85
• GPIO 2 outputs, 1 input

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Skywire™ Dual Mode LTE

NimbeLink’s end-device-certified SkywireTM Dual Mode LTE CAT4 modem is the fastest on both the Verizon and AT&T cellular networks and perfect for high-bandwidth applications. This modem offers the same ultra-small size and XBEE interface standard in the SkywireTM family. The dual mode features a SIM card slot that will accommodate a SIM from either the Verizon or AT&T network and features HSPA+ fallback.

Like other modems in the SkywireTM family, it’s compatible with a variety of NimbeLink development kits and microprocessor shields, allowing fast, easy integration of cellular connectivity into new or existing products. Its standard interface simplifies migration to other cellular technologies, ensuring long product life. In addition SkywireTM modems end-device certification eliminates the considerable cost, time and risk of the certification process, driving your products to market faster.