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From our early work around Windows snapshot technology and software packaging solutions to our latest products for PC power management, PC security and mobile fleet and tank management, New Boundary Technologies hold numerous industry firsts and entries into new product categories:

• Pioneered PC-based Machine-to-Machine (M2M) monitoring and control software, including:

     ◦PC-based Evoked Response Potential Software for infant brain development research.
     ◦Software for computerized sonar in Zooplankton research.
     ◦Computerized pallidotomy software to mitigate symptoms of advanced Parkinson's disease.

• Pioneered software distribution and management in a Windows environment.
• Pioneered Windows snapshot technology.
• Created the first product to automatically detect changes to Windows files, streamlining management of corporate Novell environments.
• Innovated the first software packaging solution to easily create and edit software packages for network independent deployments; solution evolved to become first software to automatically push software package changes, including web-enabled deployments, to any Windows PC without user login.
• Introduced patented technology to locate configuration conflicts and prevent software errors from reaching users’ desktops.
• Launched a complete desktop configuration management product suite, expanding the company’s product set to feature fully integrated software deployment, IT asset management and patch management capabilities. Introduced patented technology for dynamic configuration management that enables PCs to automatically take independent actions based on changing configuration states.
• Entered the desktop and network security market with an automated security policy management and enforcement solution.
• Introduced a centralized PC power management solution to help companies lower energy consumption and meet sustainability requirements through patented enforcement technology.
• Launched business unit delivering Web-based remote equipment monitoring and control, including the introduction of the first cloud-based tank monitoring service.
• Introduced the first centralized PC power management solution designed specifically as a web-based service to provide companies with instant energy savings and decrease their energy consumption.

New Boundary

 Innovative Software Solutions for Software Deployment

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Prism Suite

Prism Suite® is a fully integrated Windows configuration management solution featuring simple and automated software deployment, IT asset management and patch management.
With flexible anytime, anywhere administration, Prism Suite improves IT efficiency, lowers costs and ensures real-time compliance. Eliminate your configuration management worries with Prism Suite and know how it feels to Experience Control.

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Prism Deploy Packager

Is your software distribution process time-consuming and unreliable?  Do your remote software installations impact your end-users with slow, unreliable installations?  Simplify and automate your process with Prism Deploy® Packager. Achieve remote software installations that are up to 5 times faster than native installs with 100% reliability.  Prism Deploy Packager allows you to package complex and legacy software, within hours or even minutes – enabling you to Experience Control in your demanding schedule.

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Policy Commander

Do you know the present state of your PCs? Are they currently compliant and secure? Are you sure?

Confidently answer yes! Policy Commander® gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your PCs remain in their desired state. Policy Commander proactively and automatically enforces corporate PC standards while eliminating future configuration drift - resulting in reduced vulnerabilities, protection of private information, compliance with regulatory mandates and optimal PC performance.