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Full Spectrum Services
We have designed our company to build products that last, and relationships that flourish. Morey’s engineering, production and business services give customers access to any variety of resources that enable our partnership to grow as needs move with the market. Our full spectrum of solutions is also designed to help simplify and streamline an often complex and challenging process.

High-Mix is Our Middle Name
Over the decades, our specialization in dynamic and demanding industries had resulted in a production environment that favors high-mix programs of varying volumes. Our current programs have production outputs ranging from 10 to 10 million. Unlike many manufacturers, we embrace variable demand electronics programs, and have invested in the professionals, technology and facilities necessary to successfully take them through production, growth and service phases.


Innovation to Industry

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We support leading OEMs in dynamic and demanding markets by delivering electronics design, manufacturing and life cycle solutions that help your team bring innovation to market.

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We partner with manufacturers, carriers, platform companies and ecosystem specialists to support the creation, production and deployment of custom and custom-off-the-shelf wireless device solutions.

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We bring manufacturing expertise to the product development table. We help you bring ideas to market profitably through creative supply chain, manufacturing, inventory management and logistics solutions.