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Monnit Corporation was established to capitalize on the emerging trend of connecting to, monitoring and controlling machines and other “things” in our environment. Our backgrounds in technology creation, manufacturing, marketing and sales provide us with the talents and skills needed to establish the foundation to be THE low cost wireless sensor partner of choice.


Monnit remote monitoring solutions allow you to know 
about important things, as they are happening.

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Wireless Temperature Sensor

The wireless temperature sensor uses a thermistor to accurately measure temperatures from -7°C to 60°C. Perfect for slower changing temperatures and critical applications such as facilities or rooms. User customization allows you to set the frequency of readings and the ability to set thresholds for "Alarms", "Alerts" and "FYIs". 

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Wireless Open/Closed Sensor

The wireless open/closed sensor provides information on the status of doors, windows, cabinets, etc. Know if a building or specific area is being accessed when it should not be, or if a door or window has been left open.

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Wireless Motion Detection

The Wireless Motion Detection Sensor uses an infrared sensor to accurately detect movements made by people/animals within 16.4 ft (5 m) range. User customization allows you to set notifications and alerts from the system so you can know immediately if there is motion in a given area.