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Ksenos is an easy-to-use video management system application for security cameras of all types; including IP, analog and CVI. It is suitable for video surveillance systems of all sizes. The systems can consist of one or more servers and optional remote clients across the world.

Ksenos is by far the easiest and fastest surveillance system to set up. With our intuitive user interface and outstanding technology you can set up a full-on security solution in 10 minutes or less. 

Ksenos USA

IP Surveillance Simplified

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Ksenos VMS

Quite simply the easiest to use surveillance software you can find. We're not kidding, fast is not a strong enough adjective. The timeline is instantaneous.

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Ksenos NVR's

The Ksenos NVR's are Linux-Based with our user-friendly video management solution that is optimized to provide scalability, bandwidth savings, and simplified system setup and management. The NVR's support recording of up to approximately 60 2.1MP IP cameras or about 200 Mb/s throughput and feature up to 36TB of storage space.

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Ksenos NAS

A versatile video storage platform you can trust. You might be asking: "Why do you make Ksenos Storage work so well with other software manufactures"?
Our answer: "Simple, because we can".