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“Internet of Things.” It’s this new buzzword being thrown around a lot lately. Fortunately for you, it’s exactly what we’ve been doing here at Gauge for years. Simply put, we connect you to all of your moving assets in real-time so you have the most relevant information to keep your company running.

What kind of information? We’re glad you asked. Our Smart Hub can tell you all sorts of interesting things: Easily identify how your assets are being utilized. Stay on top of the maintenance needs of your assets. You can even see the temperature inside the refrigerators that keep your products cold. All in one place. Where we really come in handy is showing you how to turn these numbers more efficient business. Tracking your stuff is only half the process.

The list doesn’t stop there. We’ve been in business long enough to know that one size doesn’t fit all. Our solutions are infinitely customizable to your needs. We appreciate the new “internet of things” buzzword for what we do, but we’ve always just called it “hard work” and “personal service.”

Gauge Telematics

We measure the effectiveness of your assets.

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Smart Hub

Adding Smart Hub to your business is like hiring a team of employees dedicated to watching every movement of your assets. Smart Hub analyzes everything about your important assets and rolling stock.

How many compressors are sitting on the sideline not working? Are my people driving safely? When does the warranty on your company computers end? How many assets are overdue for their service? Our Smart Hub software can show you all of this and more.

At first, this data is just numbers. But as Smart Hub works, patterns begin to emerge. What we’re good at is showing you the connections. By building this bigger picture, Smart Hub gives you the power to make changes.

Even the smallest of changes here and there can have big effects. Over time, Smart Hub will show you (and your bosses) how much time, energy and money you saved with these small adjustments. Everyone wins.

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Custom Solutions

Sometimes our clients need more than just one of our off the shelf solutions. That’s fine! If your unique requirements are what it takes to reach your goals, we're ready to help get you there. We are no strangers to building custom solutions with deep capabilities that can address every level of the technology stack that makes this technology what it is today.

We work with everyone from OEMs to fleet operators to provide tracking and data mining capabilities when and where it’s needed. Our industry experience not only gives us the resources and knowledge to get these projects done, but get them done quickly and efficiently. We've built our reputation on providing our clients with exactly what they need, no matter the solution they currently have.

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Hardware Platforms

Yes, HW stands for “hardware,” but we like to think it means “hard work.” These platforms do a lot of tasks and tracking so you don’t have to.

We work with multiple hardware platforms at Gauge to ensure that every customer is receiving as much information as they need. Any more or less would cost you money.