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Eye3Data is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Digital Security Surveillance products. We have developed a complete line of Mobile Surveillance DVRs, cameras, and wireless products to meet the growing industry needs. We are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with a global distribution network of dealers, distributors, and integrators. 

Our vision is to remain an industry leader, developing state-of-the-art Digital Solutions using innovative technologies for Security Surveillance and Wireless Communications. 

Our mission is to develop Digital Solutions that provide a peace of mind, safe and secure environment, and the highest levels of support and services.

Eye3 Mobile

Mobile Digital Video Recorder

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The Next Generation in Video Surveillance has arrived! Eye3Data's VTRACKER Digital Cruiser Video Solution leverages state of the art Video Surveillance Technologies, with a true Solid State based scalable architecture. The solution combines the power of GPS and Wireless technologies, all in a compact and lightweight unit which is easy to install just about anywhere in the vehicle.

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WitnessView BodyCam

The Eye3WitnessView BodyCam is an exciting new technology that brings the power of 1080P video recording even closer to the action. Attachable to the shoulder loop or shirt pocket, the Eye3WitnessView provides a recording of the wearer’s face to face view while in the field. Additionally the system records audio and optionally logs gps location, viewable on playback. The articulated belt clip lets you adjust the camera angle and start/stop recording without removing the device. A long lasting lithium ion battery ensures that the Eye3WitnessView will last through the whole shift even at maximum quality settings.

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Witness Pro 8

Eye3Witness Pro, an Enterprise Class Digital Cruiser Video Solution offers capabilities to record and view 4 or 8 cameras for a multitude of  applications. The product has the ability to scale up to 1 TB of storage, record up 30FPS and provide unparalleled video quality. A strong back-end data management system, robust suite of applications and easy to use playback/analysis software make Eye3Witness Pro one of the most widely accepted Mobile Video Solutions.