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Colony Networks produces rapidly provisioned cloud-based mobile operator and hardware agnostic network software solutions to deliver optimized uptime, actionable insight and powerful analytics from wifi networks and devices.

Colony Service Platform

Managed VPN

Colony Networks’ managed services arm is an extension of our customers’ internal IT and operations teams. We leverage our own software to deliver you SLA backed services around connectivity, ISP backup and Wi-Fi solutions.

Our cloud based device monitoring solution is tuned for mobile data network devices. Our monitoring probes are designed to accurately (without false positives) detect network and device anomalies and report on them. We support public and private APN installations with gateways from Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint and many others.

Site Remediation
It’s not enough to say something is down, you need to know what to do to get a site back up and running. Our proprietary software will look at the data collected and make remediation suggestions, dramatically cutting site downtime.

The RF Site Assessment tool classifies m2m sites into acceptable, troublesome and unacceptable. Based on test results any installer can run on our site survey kits, we suggest remediation suggestions to bring a site into the green zone. This solution is cloud based and tests actual indoor data network performance, setting customer expectations early and improving mobile operator margins.

Dynamic DNS
Our highly scalable dynamic DNS solution allows thousands of devices to update their IP address (as is often the case on mobile APNs) without tripping over. Save money by using dynamic rather than static IPs for your mobile network deployments.