Today’s wireless networks are built to pass data faster, more securely, and more reliably than ever before.  That is why a majority of businesses, both large and small, are choosing to adopt a network strategy that includes wireless.  However, with all of the available options, navigating the potential hardware, software, and carrier combinations takes insider experience and training.

With the solution experience provided through Source Inc. Managed Wireless Services, your network will be built for maximum performance, highest reliability, fault-tolerance, and future-proofing.  The Source Inc. support team includes a team of technicians trained specifically in wireless support, monitoring your network, issues are identified and resolved proactively.

So whether your network design incorporates wireless for primary access or secondary-backup access, you can sit back and relax knowing your business was built around the most reliable network practices to ensure the maximum performance and uptime for your business.

Welcome to Source - Your “Source” for Wireless OEM Products & Solutions

About Source

- Founded in 2004

  1. -Focused on OEM products

  2. -Majority former Sprint employees

  3. -Relationship driven to promote ethics & integrity

  4. -Sprint Teaming Partner

  5. -Headquartered in KC

  6. -Nationally ranked as high volume provider

  7. -Recognized by Sprint as a multi-year President’s Club winner